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The European Commission. Practical Guide.

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This book includes:

The book is divided into four parts of unequal length.
Part I looks at what the European Commission is – both perceptions and realities
Part II focuses in more detail on the College of Commissioners and the President
Part III covers in depth the administration of the Commission and its staff – what job categories there are, what they do, how they are recruited and the rules under which they operate 
Part IV is by far the biggest section of the book, exploring how the machinery of the Commission works. It looks systematically at how the Commission operates in different fields, reviewing its powers, procedures and practices, and showing how it works with other interested parties (both EU institutions and other stakeholders). 
An Afterword describes the Commission’s response to the economic and financial crisis.
The ANNEXES include a detailed account of the fall of the Santer Commission and its longer-termsignificance plus a glossary of EU technical terms used in the text.

Special features:

Many aspects of the Commission’s work are complex. To help grasp the essentials, each chapter starts with “LEARNING OBJECTIVES” and ends with “KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER”. 
“I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT...” sections look at particular topics in a bit more depth 
“METHODOLOGICAL TOOLBOXES” provide hands-on step-by-step guidance to practitioners on how the Commission undertakes a range of key tasks. 
“PROFILES” give a flavour of the “human dimension” – what different types of job in the Commission actually involve.

Wydawca : John Harper Publishing

Liczba stron: 400

Kod ISBN: 9780957150133

Rok wydania: 2013

Oprawa: miękka

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