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Numerical Reasoning - A training Guide

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This book is for anyone who would like to master the basics of numerical reasoning: school and college students, jobseekers and, more generally, all candidates preparing to take a numerical reasoning test. It is especially designed for:

- those who have (or believe they have) a poor level of maths;

- those who have a good knowledge of maths but who have not had any occasion to use this knowledge for a
  number of years.

Numerical reasoning tests are increasingly being used as part of the recruitment process, for example in civil service exams (Selor tests in Belgium, EPSO tests in European institutions, etc). They are also used in entrance exams for certain universities and prestigious higher education establishments in countries like France, the United States and Great Britain (GMAT, GRE, etc).

Numerical reasoning tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand and analyse numerical data. They can be presented in various forms:  number sequences to complete; fill-in-the-blank tests; numerical estimation; text, table or graph-based problem solving, etc.

To be successful in these tests, the candidate needs to use the appropriate calculation and reasoning techniques.  These are explained in detail in this book, which includes:

- a detailed methodology illustrated with numerous examples;

- 150 questions arranged by topic and level of difficulty;

- a detailed explanation of the answer to each question.


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