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How the EU Institutions Work and… How to work with the EU Institutions

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The book is designed to provide a comprehensive FOUNDATION TEXT for students, libraries and practitioners alike and is UP-TO-DATE with the range of KEY CHANGES introduced under the Treaty of Lisbon.

Written by a team of EXPERT CONTRIBUTORS, including public affairs professionals, led by Alan Hardacre of the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht, the book is packed with EASY-TO-FOLLOW figures and diagrams.

Recommended for…

  • Academic courses on EU institutions and decision-making
  • Libraries fielding queries on how the EU works
  • Officials of the EU institutions needing a comprehensive ready reference
  • EU public affairs professionals
  • Law firms in the EU arena
  • NGOs and citizen groups that need to deal with the EU institutions
  • National and regional governments involved in influencing and implementing EU legislation
  • Candidates for EPSO exams wanting to improve their knowledge for assessment and interviews

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