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Europe's Parliament: People , Places , Politics

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Julian Priestley, the European Parliament’s former Secretary General and Stephen Clark, its current head of web communications, paint an 'impressionist's canvas' that brings the European Parliament to life. In a vivid portrait they look behind and beyond the formal powers and procedures of the Parliament to explore its history, its culture and special atmosphere, its politics, the personalities who have led it, how it does its work and the army of staff who make it function. The book will entertain and inform both EU insiders and those for whom a trip to the Parliament is a new experience.

The book is illustrated with more than 350 photographs of the places where the Parliament works in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, its daily life and its people.

In the words of Jacques Delors: 'Readers will discover the workings of this institution ... and also the human drama ... this book will help you better understand this European adventure'.

Wydawca : John Harper Publishing

Liczba stron: 400

Kod ISBN: 9780957150102

Rok wydania: 2012

Oprawa: miękka

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