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EPSO - The Ultimate EU Test Book. Assessment Centre Edition 2015

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Facing the Assessment Centre, the final stage in selection competitions for permanent jobs in the EU institutions, can be a daunting challenge. This brand new edition of The Ultimate EU Test Book has been written by specialist trainers in EPSO competitions to give practical help to candidates. It explains what the assessors are really looking for and the important do’s and don’ts it is essential to be aware of. Written in a lively hands-on style, this is a must-have resource for anyone preparing for the Assessment Centre.

  • How the EPSO Assessment Centre works, including a typical day
  • The EPSO competencies and how they are measured: Analysis and Problem Solving, Communicating, Delivering Quality and Results, Learning and Development, Prioritising and Organising, Resilience, Working with Others, Leadership
  • The exercises used to test the competencies, the keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid – the Case Study, the Oral Presentation, the Competency Based and Field Interviews, the Group Exercise, plus the In-tray
  • Full sample exercises with scoring keys
  • Recruitment & the Competency Passport
  • Relevant for all Administrator and Assistant competitions


  1. The EPSO Assessment Centre
  2. The EPSO Competency Framework
  3. The Case Study
  4. The Competency Based Interview (the Structured Interview)
  5. The Oral Presentation
  6. The Interview in the Field
  7. The In-tray (E-tray) Exercise
  8. The Group Exercise
  9. Recruitment
  10. What if You’re Not on the Reserve List?


  1. Sample Case Study
  2. Competency Based Interview Questions
  3. Sample Oral Presentation
  4. Sample In-tray (E-tray) Exercise
  5. Sample Group Exercise
  6. Sample Competency Passports
  7. Glossary

András Baneth, a former EU official and an SHL-certified assessor, is a trainer, consultant and partner at Arboreus Online EU Training. He is also managing director of the Public Affairs Council’s European office. He is the founding author of The Ultimate EU Test Book titles, Europe’s leading preparation book for EPSO exams.

Jan De Sutter has extensive experience in people development and management in both public and private sectors, and has served on EPSO Selection Boards. He now operates as an independent trainer, focusing on personalised coaching and preparation for the EPSO Assessment Centre.

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