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EPSO - The Ultimate EU Test Book. Administrator (AD) Edition 2016

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The Ultimate EU Test Book – Administrator (AD) Edition 2016 is designed specifically for those preparing for AD-level European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) competitions for jobs in the EU institutions. It is relevant for all AD5-AD 9, Linguist, and AD Specialist exams.

The revised 2016 edition focuses particularly on the so-called pre-selection tests as this is where the great majority of candidates fail. It includes chapters on the skills and techniques involved in tackling verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions, with comprehensive practice exercises designed to simulate AD-level competitions. Multiple choice questions are accompanied by detailed answer explanations to enable you to understand your mistakes and improve your speed and accuracy. The book also explains what situational judgement tests involve, with practice scenarios.

Other chapters describe the EPSO exam process from start to finish and explain the competencies tested and exercises faced by those who win through to the Assessment Centre.

Used by thousands of candidates every year, The Ultimate EU Test Book is an absolute must in preparing for your EPSO exams.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. The EU Personnel Selection and Recruitment Process
    A full step-by-step description of the stages of EPSO competitions, explaining the system and how it works.
  • Chapter 2. Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning Tests in EPSO Administrator Exams
    An overview of the psychometric tests used by EPSO and how they are measured.
  • Chapter 3. Succeeding in Verbal Reasoning Tests
    How to take these tests – the hazards to avoid and the skills and techniques you need.
  • Chapter 4. Verbal Reasoning Test
    180 practice questions, with explanations showing which answer options were wrong, and why.
  • Chapter 5. Succeeding in Numerical Reasoning Tests
    These tests are feared by many – this chapter explains the essential mathematical operations you need to master, and the mistakes you need to avoid.
  • Chapter 6. Numerical Reasoning Test
    150 practice questions, with detailed answers showing all the calculations required from start to finish, the commonly made errors and the shortcuts you can take.
  • Chapter 7. Succeeding in Abstract Reasoning Tests
    Many are confused by abstract reasoning tests – this chapter shows how such tests are designed, the essential operations and key rules to master.
  • Chapter 8. Abstract Reasoning Test
    120 practice questions, testing typical series, with answers explaining the rules applied so you can work backwards to see where you went wrong.
  • Chapter 9. Succeeding in Situational Judgement Tests
    What they involve and how performance is measured against the EPSO competencies.
  • Chapter 10. Situational Judgement Test
    30 workplace scenarios where you have to decide how to act – with answer explanations evaluating the options from most to least appropriate or effective.
  • Chapter 11. Facing the Assessment Centre
    The final stage for those who pass the other tests – how it works, the competencies measured, the exercises used, and the competency passport.

Wydawca : John Harper Publishing

Liczba stron: 368

Kod ISBN: 9780992974855

Rok wydania: 2016

Oprawa: miękka


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